Developing your social media content strategy

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By Steven Chester

Minutes after sending that first tweet, thousands of passive onlookers instantly turn into clients and advocates, with media buzz sending audiences flocking to your door.

If only it worked that way. Without a content strategy behind those social media pushes, your message is very quickly on its way to being lost in the plethora of brand noise.

Thought leadership

Think about the story you want your organization to tell and how you can position it as a thought leader. What questions are being asked in your industry that your business can answer? Write down your ideas, and generate some compelling content.

Consider visuals as well – if your organization designs or installs anything, you’ve got it made. Otherwise, are you attending any events? Presenting to audiences? Taking part in charitable giveaways? Winning awards? Do you have any data-heavy technical documents where you could utilize an infographic? What about something lighthearted around the office where you’re showing some personality?

Create a social media content calendar

Then, create a content calendar that illustrates what you’re going to say. Mix those content posts – at least two each week - with shares from other groups and influencers you want to impress.

In that calendar, sandwich between those posts the one thing you’re really there for: marketing. People get it. They know you’re there for advocacy. As long as you’re not hammering away the marketing messages, you can get away with slipping a marketing message in between that great content. Many experts advocate the 80/20 rule: Where you dedicate 20 per cent of your content to promote your brand, and the other 80 per cent should be content that truly interests and engages your audience.

Next up, we’ll talk a bit more about execution. Stay tuned for our next social media blog post.