Your social media starting point

social media starting point

By Steven Chester

Perhaps you’ve finally decided that “now’s the time” to get started on social, or maybe you’re cringing at the thought of logging in to your Twitter account that hasn’t been touched in months.

If this is the place you’re in, it’s time to reassess what your social media goals are and get yourself to your social media starting point. Your goals could be just one or all of the below. In the case of the latter, take the time to rank the order of importance of each.

  • Building your brand: Are you looking to develop new relationships? Then it’s time to listen to what others are saying, craft messages designed to inform, entertain and captivate your audience. 
  • Increasing website traffic: Have great content to share? Craft some meaningful messages to drive traffic to your content pages.
  • Customer support and outreach: Your customer demographic is changing, and so are their communication needs. You’ll need a space to answer questions and gather feedback for your company.
  • Sales leads: Yes, you can sell on social. In fact, if you’re not doing it, your competitor more than likely has the jump on you. LinkedIn, for example, is an incredible way to gather contacts and expand your reach through secondary connections.

Next up, we’ll talk about outreach. Hint: You’re nowhere near ready to craft that first post.